Yes. Each of us has our own unique odor identity which is the sum total of our heredity (genes), skin type (dry/oily/light/dark), hair color, diet, whether or not we take medications, are under stress, the environment in which we live, etc.
Yes, but much of it learned. On a day-to-day basis women in our society are encouraged to use their noses more often than men through their interest in cooking, flower arrangements, creating interior environments, and the early use of fragrance products. In addition, according to scientific research, the fluctuation in a woman’s sense of smell, during a 24-hour period, is systematically greater than a man’s.
These changes appear to be influenced by the secretion of female hormones. Scientists are testing to determine if estrogen increases smell acuity in the first half of the month and progesterone decreases acuity in the last half. It also appears that odor awareness changes when a woman is pregnant and often her perception of scent changes. She may be more conscious of some odors and unable to experience others.
Many men and women over 50 begin to lose their ability to fully appreciate smell sensations. Though current research reveals that women are less apt to lose their sense of smell as quickly as men at the same age, older people often prefer stronger scents. They must be careful not to overdo their fragrance applications, particularly in warm weather or if they know they are going to be in stressful situations.
Yes, particularly if one has a cold, the flu or if you have suffered a head injury. If the condition persists, see a physician.

No, fragrance is not formulated to last all day. It should be refreshed periodically. Approximately every three to four hours.
Yes, heat increases the impact of odor. In the summer there are so many fascinating “smell” signals around us, and we are more conscious of our sense of smell and certainly enjoy it to the fullest. In hot weather, each fragrance application goes a long way-so lighter fragrances should be worn.

Yes. The wearer may think a fragrance formula has been changed when instead it is a change in diet, medication or lifestyle which has caused the new perception of scent. What one eats on a regular basis can affect the way a fragrance smells and lasts on a person’s skin. If one is on a high fat, spicy diet, for example, fragrance will be more intense. If you have recently changed your diet dramatically, skin chemistry may change, causing fragrance to smell differently on you. Recent research indicates medication can change one’s chemistry, too. Therefore, if a person is on medication it can influence the way a favorite fragrance smells on the skin. Smoking can dull the sense of smell and make us less aware of odors, good or bad. You should make a smell test of a favorite fragrance on the inside of your wrists and then sniff test to see if any of the lifestyle changes described above have influenced the fragrance.

Yes. Blondes – with a fair skin will be happiest with long-lasting multi-floral creations. Their skin is often dry causing fragrances that are too subtle to evaporate rapidly. Brunettes — usually have medium-to-dark skin which contains natural oils, allowing scents to last longer. Dramatic orientals are often favorites. Redheads – have extremely fair and delicate skin which may be incompatible with fragrances which have predominant green notes.

No, fragrance is formulated only to be applied to the skin. If applied to fabric, the fibers could change the character of the fragrance. The scent might also stain the fabric.

Only if the hair is freshly-shampoed. Oils and dirt which accumulate on the hair and scalp intensify fragrance and can distort it. Also, don’t spray fragrance on extremely dry or brittle hair.

The sense of smell quickly develops odor fatigue if it is exposed to too many sensations in a short period of time.

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